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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
His opinion matters.

We're not discussing something objective, like science or the weather, we're discussing sports, which is cultural. Opinions are fundamental.

You say in your post that a lot of people and money left Montreal in the 1970s and 1980s due to money and politics. That's true. And they're still gone. What's your point?

The Expos would either fail or succeed in Montreal on the basis of people's opinions, opinions about the sport, about the team, et cetera. You disagree with his opinion, and that's fine, but his is a very common one in Montreal. The fans lost Pedro Martinez, Vladimir Guerrero, Larry Walker, Cliff Floyd, Javier Vasquez, etc and that is why the team was down to 4,000 fans. The minimum payroll for a competitive team would be way north of 50 million. A stadium would cost 250 million. Setting up a farm system? Don't know.

You say people came back like Lemmings in 2005 but not in 1994. That's because Canadians like hockey more. Additionally, it wasn't a pointless strike in the NHL, they actually brought in a salary cap and the NHL is a better game now. If baseball instituted a salary cap and became a more interesting sport, I might like to see them come back.
They are still gone but Quebec has been steadily recovering ever since. We can handle a baseball team again for sure.

I'm not even disagreeing with the rest of what you said and I do think it's a scam that in the MLB there isn't a salary cap. I still would be happy to go see the Expos though if it were in a new stadium downtown and I guarantee a lot of other people would be interested too. I know people are saying if we had a bad team for many years the fan base would fall off, believe it or not though I know a lot of people just myself who would start going to games and even possibly get season tickets again regardless of the team we start off with or have. If I alone know dozens of people who would be thrilled and would go to several games a year it isn't that far fetched that others will too. I highly doubt I'm in the rare minority that just happens to know certain people who love baseball

That being said I'm not saying it would be a huge success but it would definitely work. Would we be competitive? Maybe not but I still see it being successful enough to stick around. I don't disagree about the way the MLB is run though, it's a pretty big joke when you think about it. You have people from places that have their own team who are NYY and Red Sox fans purely because their team sucks and always will. That's just not the type of fan I am though and same goes for a lot of other people. Some people did start following other teams once they left, a lot didn't but would follow the expo's if they came back. Again though I'm not saying we sell out every game

If the habs were a 12-15th place team each year like your typical Leafs team, I'd still be watching all the games and chatting here with you all about prospects and such.

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