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06-02-2011, 09:19 AM
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ATL dispersal draft War room

Nashville Predators Fanbase analysis.

Strengths: Posters who aren't tools. Respectful and show class. They have the photoshop manipulator in Worst who's coming into his own in embracing the concept of 'music city' with his two past avatars 'iPreds' and 'Do it for Warren'. Positions of moderators was always a key of strength with the Preds with SLake and golfmade. The retirement of Bigfatcat999 from the moderator position has not hurt matters and frankly should help Nashville's standing as one of the better boards.

Weaknesses: Numbers. Nashville could afford some depth of character but other than that, not much. Nashville should make hay with their territorial picks.

If Seth and Golf made would like.

1. Telfo
2. Juzmo---Nashville,Dallas,Minnesota,St. Louis ,Jersey, Colorado, Calgary, Carolina
3. cws---Boston,Nashville,Colorado,Minnesota,C-Bus,Carolina,Florida
4. SilverRiver89---Florida,Nashville,Anaheim,San Jose,Dallas, St Louis,Washington (will not report to: Any Canadian team, Bolts, Kings, Wings)
5. Toxostoma Rufum
6. ThrasherMinion---Jersey,Carolina,Florida,Dallas,Ottawa,NY Rangers
7. puckguy11
8. ATL Thrasher 344--Ducksa,Hawks,Kings,Preds,Bruins,Jersey,San Jose
9. flerd_trandle
13. AtlantaSportsFan/John Cena
14.Rhodes 81--Chicago,Jersey,Dallas,Washington,Nashville,Detroit ,Buffalo,Boston (will not report: Canes, Bolts, Rangers, any Canadian team)
15.Netminder 17
17.Manifestodestiny---Nashville,Montreal,Florida,Dallas,San Jose,C-Bus,Philly,Detroit,Phoenix,NY Islanders, Chicago, Minnesota, Colorado, LA, Dallas, Jersey, Buffalo
19.BreaktheWallsDown--Dallas,Detroit,San Jose,Montreal,Nashville,Vancity,Carolina
20.Chipper---Colorado,San Jose,Boston,Chicago,Montreal,Detroit,Van city (speaks French if this interests the Habs contingent)
21.RoyalAir--Preds, Hurricanes,Panthers,Kings,Ducks,Stars,Coyotes (will not report to: A Canadian or Original 6 team)
26.AintLifeGrand-Colorado, Nashville, Boston, Carolina, Dallas, Calgary, St. Louis, Ottawa, Ny Islanders, Ny Rangers
28.Dorncog---Leafs, Sens, Preds, Canucks, Lightning
31.Matt Eichenblatt
34. Thomas Magnum--Preds,Bruins,Ducks,Sharks,Canes
35. AtlantaWhaler--Nashville, Buffalo, tampa, Winnipeg, Colorado, San Jose
36. HeyYouGuys
37. PHYS251
38. CopernicanRevolution

Lots of potential Nabovkov's in the list. Nashville currently has #23 and #35. We got boned in the draft lottery. Just read it has to be moderators who make the picks but I wonder if ex-mods count

I have my ideas for picks and I will do the stats next time to give everyone a draft preview for the selections.

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