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06-02-2011, 10:56 AM
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Just wanted to clear a few things up and add a thing or two. Atlanta's fan base wasn't the problem, they had great fans but the management had no interest in the team itself, so they made bad trades, were rude to their fans and basically drove the franchise into the ground. At one point, one of the Atlanta fans asked an ASG bigwig why prices next to the glass were $50 more than in Boston and was told by that bigwig to "deal with it." At the rally to save the Thrashers, the mascot for the Hawks showed up, adding insult to injury. I feel really bad for Atlanta fans, even though I'm getting the NHL back in my city finally.

As for Winnipeg items that were brought up, the NHL owns the Jets name, not Phoenix, so we can have that back if TNSE decides that way. Unfortunately, I don't think they are. From an emotional standpoint, I think having our Jets back is the best idea, but from a business standpoint, I can see how the revenue from a totally new set of merchandise is very tempting to the ownership group.

The rink may be small, but the ownership group owns several hotels, a casino, all the parking, the concessions, several bars and restaurants and more around the area. The MTS center is also the 11th busiest arena in North America and the 19th busiest in the world, so amazing revenue is coming in from all of that. They aren't just looking at this as a sole venture, but as a total business package when it comes to the bottom line.

They aren't going to be a cap team. Mark Chipman stated that they are going to be "middle of the pack" when it comes to the cap and that they aren't going to be aggressive at all when it comes to free agents. He stated that they are going to develop from the draft. Season tickets are being sold with the condition that you're in for multi-year renewals. The 2 tickets I'm getting have me locked in for 4 years for example. I think that they're going to count on this time to slowly grow their talent while not having to worry about fair-weather fans (not that there are a ton of those in Winnipeg!).

I absolutely can't wait for preseason! It's going to be awesome having the NHL back and that first year I'm finally going to get to see my Rangers play live for the first time! I'm always going to be a Rangers fan first, but now I'm going to be cheering for two teams, which I never though would happen! For any of you Atlanta fans out there, I'm buying an Atlanta jersey that I will wear every now and then to the games, and I promise to yell out "Knights!" during the US anthem!

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