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06-02-2011, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by MJG View Post
The city is not hockey mad. It is Habs mad.
Are you an immigrant, or were you born here from several generations?

Cuz if you're the latter, I'm really surprised you don't know many people who are hockey fans but hate the Habs. I know MANY.

It is hockey mad. Pro hockey was born here, NHL was born here, the island has produced the highest amount of superstars among any city in the world, and some of those players have let go of their link to the Habs, and even the city itself. Same would happen with a lot of fans.

You're a Habs fan, and seem to think everyone is just like you. Get out a bit more.

Like someone else said, call them the Laval/Montreal Patriots or the Laval/Montreal Separatists, and they will surely come, because if there is one thing about Quebecers, is that they are zealous and can easily galvanize around any representation of independance vs establishment, no matter how trivial that representation is. A very old and established icon like the Habs, easily attracts, not only fans, but anti-fans. That target is already big enough to venture a guess that it would be viable.

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