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06-02-2011, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Horton18Horton View Post
That I'll agree with. Anything is possible if the right people are put in charge of the new franchise. I just think the chances of a 2nd team being successful, not just existing are very slim.

If the idea is to have a bottom tier franchise, absolutely that could be done. If though the idea is to have a franchise that could come close to rivaling the Habs, not a chance in hell IMO.

In my humble opinion, the 2nd team would always be considered on the same level as the Devils, or the Islanders. Always playing second fiddle to the Rangers.
BTW, I know you're a mod and everything dude, but the question in the thread title is "could Montreal support", so I don't know where you got the notion everybody was talking profitibality rather than viability

If the question is profitability and market share, for sure they'll never top the habs, and in turn Habs would somewhat suffer from having a second team in the area, and not jsut economically.

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