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Originally Posted by jmelm View Post
Do you actually have a source for this, or is this just your own idea?

And I've heard the opposite about those picks being interchangable. In fact, I spoke with Kyle Woodlief from RedLineReport yesterday, and he said that there are 3 clear top-tiers of players and it drops off quickly after about 14-15 (i.e. top 8, next 3 or 4, next 3 or 4, then way down).

Now, of course, that's just his opinion and each team will have their own opinion. Soassuming that one, two or three other players creep up into the top 15 picks or so, Montreal may be able to get a MUCH better player at #17 than at, say, #23 or #25.
Here's the source, Dan Marr of the Atlanta/Winnipeg Thrashers Director of Amateur Scouting and Player Development;

"I believe No. 26 has a chance to be just as good as No. 6. It's a really nice pool of talent and everyone's going to get a good pick in the first round, for sure."

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