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10-16-2003, 08:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Mike8
This is why I've been wanting both of them moved.

If Koivu's injured later in the season, the Habs would be left with Ribeiro and either Juneau or Higgins as the 1-2 punch. Not ideal by any means.

I don't see this as being too likely. Perreault wouldn't fit into Andy Murray's system or the roster that Taylor is building. Perreault's had a turn in LA twice before, and if memory serves me right, the last time they were more than happy to be rid of him.

Assuming Ryder continues his chemistry with Perreault and Audette, I would like to see the following lineup, with all four lines being rolled over:


There would be size and some grit on every line. There would be a playmaker on every line, and a player that's more inclined to shoot more. Montreal wouldn't have a true fourth line or even checking line, but I don't think they do right now anyway (Juneau and Dackell are both subpar defensively on even strength these days, fellas. It's been two years since they were effective).

Losing Dackell and Juneau wouldn't hit the PK too hard. Sundstrom, Ward, Higgins, Bulis have all displayed strong capabilities on the PK. I would say Begin (and his good faceoff ability) and Ryder could be tried on the PK as well.
All very debatable and I like your lines, but the problem is it's not realistic I beleive. CJ gave an "A" to Juneau, and he plays him and his line the most in every game. His system commands that kind of defensive 3rd line. Perreault does not fit. Of course Koivu could get injured but I think this could create some frictions if certain players playing well don't get rewarded with better ice time (the situation with all those centers is less than ideal IMO). Also I think if Higgins only plays on a 4th line with us, he might as well go to Hamilton.

I think a Bulis - Higgins - Sundstrom 3rd line would look so much better than the one we have right now, with a 4th line of Begin/Langdon - Kilger - Ward, but it's unfortunatelly not going to happen soon (IMO).

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