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Favorite characters:

Brandon Stark No, not Bran the Legless. I'm talking Brandon "Come Out and Die" Stark. Sure, he's not alive in the book series, but anyone brave and stupid enough to charge into the Red Keep calling for Rhaegon Targaryen to man up and fight must be awesome. Right?

Jaime. I liked this guy since the beginning, even when he was the "bad guy." Sure, he did despicable things in A Game of Thrones, but he had a right to be arrogant and cocksure. Plus, unlike his sister, he could be hilarious when necessary. I appreciated his sharp wit and blade.

Arya What's not to love?

Sansa Yes, I feel the flak hitting me already. I've enjoyed her growth and think she has the intelligence to be a real player when she wakes up and smells the Westeros version of coffee.

Oberyn + the Sand Snakes What a bad ass. And I love that he has a slew of mean little daughters.

Least favorite:

Cersei and Joff Yes, I hate some of the people I should hate. And I want to punch the actor that plays Joff in the series. What a weasel.

Brienne She's big. She's ugly. She wants to be a man. No one likes her. She loved Renly. Jaime was nice to her. Wash, rinse, and repeat twenty times a chapter. Reading about her riding circles around Westeros puts me to sleep...

Dany I enjoy Dany in the show, mostly due to Emilia Clarke's portrayal. But in the book, she's a Mary Sue and self righteous to the point of being obnoxious. If I lived across the Narrow Sea, I'd dig up her dead brother, remelt his head, and pour the gold on hers too.

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