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Originally Posted by colonel_korn View Post
People like Davos, really? He always came across as such a .... doormat to me. Like bad **** just keeps happening to him and he's just kind of like "oh well, such is life" and keeps trucking along doing whatever Stannis tells him too. What's that, you kept this guy alive for a year while his castle was under siege and now he wants to cut off your fingers since you *used to be* a smuggler? Sounds fair!

I dunno if I had any real favourite characters... Tyrion I guess, his zingers are always pretty good. And of course Arya's story is one of the more interesting ones. OTOH I've found Bran's chapters to be kinda tedious, the whole "warging" thing doesn't really do it for me.

My prediction for the new book:
Arya gets hired to assassinate Jon
Also I think Sansa is eventually going to wise up and orchestrate Littlefinger's death somehow, but I think that'll happen towards the end of the series, probably not in the next book.
I like Davos cause he's the little guy that just keeps on trucking. Also despite being the little guy in a room full of yes men he's the only one with the balls to tell it straight. There is talk of his demise in the 4th book, but I can't help but feel that is entirely exaggerated.

For you're prediction within the spoiler, it's an interesting thought but if I could put a damper on it:
who's going to have the gold to hire the faceless to kill Jon? Remember in the first book while it would be a guarantee kill they balk at hiring one to kill Dany because it would cost a fortune, offering up a lordship was the cheaper route. The only one that would really want him dead is Cersei and I doubt she'd pay that price when she has her own 'cunning' to rely on.

For my own cunning prediction (and a warning that this deals with potential spoilers of Jon's questionable origins):
Maybe not in this book but perhaps Melisandre will sacrifice Jon to the fire to wake the 'stone dragon' she's so obsessed about. And she's successful... as Jon himself emerges from the fire unburnt as her dragon.

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