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06-02-2011, 10:00 PM
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I have to admit, for a bunch of people who lost their team (and pretty much knew they would be for a while) the Atlanta fans have had a great sense of humor about it among other fans. This whole dispersal draft thing is brilliant, and this thread is hilarious

I'm with wfome. A cute, foreign girl would be that consistent threat that we need to really be a contending fan base. A global mod would definitely help bring some toughness and grit when we need it, but we have that sprinkled throughout the fans.

btw I think the vcash thing was a joke. I know I was kidding around, but I guess if someone really wants my 500 fake dollars to come posting they can have it (provided they are cool). This whole idea of paying people off sounds pretty awesome now that I think about it haha

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