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06-02-2011, 10:41 PM
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Originally Posted by CH2 View Post
Can I just stress that Del Zotto will be 21 when the season starts. If he's in the top 6, at best he's the second youngest member of the defense. His stellar rookie season makes people forget he's not a Gilroy type of player who should be nearing his peak. The kid's young at probably the toughest position in the NHL, give him time. The team can afford to be patient, that defensive position isn't going to make or break the team winning the cup.
This. I'm not saying he is a lock to be a fixture moving forward (or heck, even to improve at all) but people forget just how young DZ was when he made the team in 09. I remember going into that camp some people gave him an outside shot of making the team, but most fully expected him to return to Junior (that's right, still not even eligible for the AHL at that point).

Then he came in, had a phenomenal rookie year, and a lot of fans mentally considered him as a vet, a lock, a known commodity. This year was clearly a big step back, and his flaws were made manifest and really stuck out. But I still think it would be foolish to count him out and would stress that he still has a lot of learning / growing to do.

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