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06-02-2011, 11:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Herby View Post
For someone who claims to be a UM supporter, you certainly are ignorant about many things. This is off topic, sorry. We really should have some kind of Dean Lombardi thread on this board. Just saying.

It's like the joke Mike Knuble had at the golf tournament in the fall...

"wow for a guy who can't coach and develop there sure are a lot of NHL'ers here"

Having the most players in the NHL would say they do develop players. But you will just reply that they get the best players. And yes they do get great players, no more than UND, BC or Minnesota get though. And a lot of that has to do with players and their parents wanting to play for Berenson. When Berenson took over that program they were a bottom feeder, when he leaves it will be by far the most coveted job in college hockey. And that is because of one man.

As for developing football players.

Tom Brady, Charles Woodson and Steve Hutchinson will all be in Canton one day. Jake Long has a good chance to be as well as Ty Law. David Harris, LaMarr Woodley, Leon Hall are All-Pro...yeah all scrubs

21 straight years in the tournament and 11 frozen fours in that span. If you want to call that underachieving go right ahead.

I was very critical of the football program under Rodriguez, he made lame ass excuses when the team failed to win and offered up nothing but lame BS cliches and "when I was at West Virginia" (sound familiar).

The new guy comes in and says "Our goal is to win the Big Ten, if we don't its a failure"

It was absolutely refreshing to hear someone who is results oriented. I want to hear the coach/GM whoever tell us reasons why we are going to win, instead of excuses for failure.

And comparing UM to the Kings is a bit ridiculous. I was fortunate enough to be at Game 4 of the 93 Finals and Game 4 of the 2001 series vs. the Wings. Those are the high marks of being a Kings fan. I have been to 6 Rose Bowl's, an Orange Bowl and Five Frozen Fours. Again if that is ineptitude, I'd like to know what you consider success. Maybe failing to ever make it past the 2nd round of the NHL playoffs is success?

And as for Johnson. You ever see him play for the NTDP, or as a Freshman for UM. He grew by leaps and bounds from his freshman to sophomore year. He struggled mightily early on as a freshman and by the time he was done he was probably the best player in college hockey. But again, you just don't want to give any credit for his development at UM. It's just a bunch of talented players out there playing shinny right, because Dean Lombardi said so.
I obviously struck a chord. I was never making a comparison to Kings hockey, that was you. All I was saying is that for a program that gets the top recruits in the country, they sure haven't got the results that matter. At least that is what my dad who was born in raised in Ann Arbor thinks. I guess his expectations are too high. I'd certainly hope Michigan is at the top every year. Anything less would be a incredible disappointment and I'm sure you'd agree. If any organization is funneled the top talent from whatever line of sports or business they are in, you expect the pinnacle of success not getting close every year.

I also like how you put words in my mouth. As if my opinion of Michigan is derived from comments he made about Jack Johnson. The thing you don't seem to get is I don't ride Lombardi's jock. I never have. I just find your anger for Dean Lombardi to be a bit irrational to say the least. And I think that it is very telling, you speak of results being what matters, Dean Lombardi hasn't done any better or worse than Dave Taylor but you love to hate Lombardi for the things he says or does. Maybe a take a pass on the next interview? I guess it is a train wreck for you though.

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