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06-03-2011, 12:52 AM
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Originally Posted by pam19 View Post
Totally agree.
Richards wants to get in a SC contending team: Montreal, Boston, Washington, Chicago, Vancouver, SJS, Pitt, TB and maybe Los Angeles...
He wants to win the cup.
Please note: Flyers are not in that list. Remove any team that does not have a top-10 goalie. Unless Holgrem decides to admit he was wrong!
After that, it is about money!

Richards won't go:
  • Vancouver: they win this year and will loose part of their core.
  • Chicago is still rebuilding: 2 or 3 years.
  • Washington needs to bring a coach.
  • TB needs a goalie and more defense.
  • SJS is getting old.
  • Pitt is great but the core is very limited (After Fleury, Crosby, Malkin, Letang, Goligoski, Neal and Tangradi it goes down very fast) and the rest is filled with players that can be traded at will.
  • Washinton is still having problems in defense and in the goal.

So if you want to win the cup: Boston, Montreal and maybe Los Angeles.
All of this is based on actual information.
For example TB needs a goaler. On the UFA market, I see nothing so it will have to be a trade.
Washington also needs a goaler and defense. Because no SC goaler is available, I expect them to go hard after Markov...
SJS is pretty much settled with their actual contracts. Once they have Setuguchi signed, they might try with Markov!
Pittsburg is another team that will go after one top d-men and one top forward (Markov, Cole, Richards).

If I am PG, I am sending Cammy to talk to Cole and Richards.
Does he know one of them?

After UFA, we will see who will come out as top contender.

I feel pretty good we can land either Richards or Cole.
To me Cole seems a better fit but I would be so happy to welcome both!
Bryzgalov and Vokoun are nothing? News to me.
I think you can also exclude teams that have already loaded up on centers and other forwards as possilbe Richards landing points.

Pittsburgh, Chicago, Vancouver, San Jose, Philadelphia, and Washington are all pretty committed organisational and financially to their own guys and won't look for a big time acquisition on center. Tampa might have a good enough relationship with him to look at shifting one of their guys to wing. Of current playoff teams I'd say LA, New York and Tampa are the best shots. I could see teams like Buffalo or St. Louis who really could use a guy like him and have space make serious pitches though

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