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06-03-2011, 01:09 AM
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Originally Posted by pam19 View Post
Totally agree.
Boston and Montreal are going to be top-3 in the league.
TB will be among top-5 if they can land a goalie.

For the next 5-10 years, the East will give the best hockey.
Winnipeg will be in the West... It will help them.

Upcoming teams: Montreal, Boston, Nashville, Phoenix, StLouis, Chicago, a few others (Tor, Edm).
Going down: Flyers (unless Holgrem understands), Vancouver, SJS, Detroit, NJD, NYR, Was, a few others.
Who are the GMs of the team I named?

I wouldn't say top-3 in the league: San Jose, Vancouver, Chicago are all better than the Habs and should be for the next few years at least. Vancouver's key players are all pretty much locked up except for a few dmen. Boston was riding a lot of luck this year (think of them as the anti-Habs: probably a top-6 team in the East).

Of the teams on the up on your list, Phoenix and Nashvile will be cap constrained (though they have great management), Boston should be good if they increase their focus on a bad defense after Chara, and it's a little to early to call St Louis.

Edmonton are definitely not on the up with the way the management is building the team right now: wasting entry level years on the contracts of Hall and likely their 1st-round pick this year, signing the boat-anchor of Khahbulin to one of the worst contracts in the league, nothing on defense beyond Whitney and Gilbert. They're a mess and don't show any signs of actually knowing what they're doing beyond intentionally losing. Edmonton is more likely to turn out like the "rebuilding/building" in Atlanta, Columbus, or New York Islanders than the Blackhawks.

Detroit should be on the way down, but I can't count their management group out. They're the best in the league and I think they'll find a way to be very good after Lidstrom retires.

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