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Originally Posted by Rhett4 View Post

Least favorite:

Brienne She's big. She's ugly. She wants to be a man. No one likes her. She loved Renly. Jaime was nice to her. Wash, rinse, and repeat twenty times a chapter. Reading about her riding circles around Westeros puts me to sleep...
I actually agree with this.
She's not "bad", she's just boring and her insecurity became annoying after a while.

As for Sansa, someone mentioned she might be a huge player in the future...
She might, but I'll never like her. She was raised properly (by all accounts), with siblings that knew modesty and courage, yet she was petulant and petty and jelaous etc.... And got Lady killed.

She got Ned killed too, really, but I can't forgive puppies!!!!!!

Arya, on the other hand... The Harrenhall scenes with Jaqen are some of my favorites in the whole series.

BTW, it's been 15 years since GoT was published, and people on fan sites still can't agree on the fate of certain characters (while it's widely considered The Hound is probably still alive, there're debates on whether Syrio Forel lives - especially after the excellent portrayal of him in the series).

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