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Originally Posted by seeking View Post
I worked out the lyrics for anyone that might want to sing along, feel free to correct any mistakes I might have made as some parts are hard to decipher:

fast and dangerous
we're done taking on Roloson
Flyers yeah we swept them up
Bruins aurevoir? to les Canadiens

and yes of course we did
we're talking about Boston
I know you don't want to mess with us
got Lucic ready to beat you up

we got the dream of winning it
made it to the finals
playoff beard looking good
so let's go oh oh, let's go

Canucks are going down down dow dow dow down
believe in black and gold gold go go go gold
this is the final round round rou rou rou round
this is the Bruins year Lord Stanley is ours
we're cheering on our team team team team team team
Let's beat the blue and green green green gree gree green
We waited for so long long lon lon lon long
this is the Bruins year Lord Stanley is ours

Bruins for the win, it's about that time to clench the cup
I'm so sick of hearing Luongo's name
I think it's the time to end his game

I'm just talking truth
Canucks are so over rated
Kesler Luongo and the Sedins
will be crying ... hard

(chorus repeat)
(refrain repeat)

Bruins for the cup cup cup cup cup (4x)

(refrain repeat)
You have my respect.

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