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06-03-2011, 06:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Bourne View Post
You are all wrong. JVR is not enormously better than Pacioretty but as of today, he is still better. The injury set back Patches development so we do not know just what he will become. JVR has already shown his talent, albeit in inconsistent doses. JVR only plays on the bottom pairing because Philly has such ridiculously depth, they have no place to put him. Granted, I do believe he would struggle some for a while having to adjust.

As for Subban, no. I get that Philly has defensive depth like mad but Subban's value is significantly higher than JVR's. Frankly, even with that depth Philly could make that trade and move out someone else. They could easily make up the loss of JVR and have one of the best young defenseman in the league. Whether or not they should is debatable, I say this ought to. Nonetheless, it would never happen. Subban is as untouchable as it gets.

OP's original offer was garbage btw.
what he said...

read it twice!

i hope and see no difficulty in patches becoming as good as JVR but right now JVR >>>>>>*4 patches

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