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06-03-2011, 09:24 AM
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Originally Posted by Crx8 View Post
This series is over, the nucks already won the cup. If the Bruins are like their fans then I'm predicting a sweep. Let's examine this. Burrow bit Bergeron's finger, instead of focusing on the next play, he repeatedly goes to the linesmen complaining, demanding a penalty. After that play Bergeron was agitated and played lousy the rest of the game, Burrow got in his head and Bergeron lost focus.

If this spills over to game 2 than we can expect the same outcome. The constant complaining, demands for suspensions are getting tiresome, couple that with the non-offside play which was onside. If the Bruins continue to play with this kind of attitude instead of focusing on the next play, the next game, then this will be a short series.

Also take into consideration the nucks are shaking of the rust of an 8 day lay-off, if that's the best the Bruins can muster than the nucks will be celebrating in boston. The nucks will only get better as the series progresses.

The bite was at the end of the period, there was no "next play" to focus on. Pretty sure the Sedins were shut down the rest of the game, and the Canucks went 0/7 on the Power Play, Bergeron is the Bruins' most important PK'er and had a big hand in that, with multiple clears and blocked shots. I'm pretty sure he had no problem staying focused.

I didn't think Burrows should've been suspended. In the regular season, yeah, he definitely should've. Maybe even in the first or second round, but not in the Finals. It was clear as day that he bit him, and is a 1000% deplorable, weasel move, but if you're going to suspend someone in the Finals it should only be for something like a cheap shot that injures a guy. That said, I wouldn't have been surprised if he got suspended, but I didn't think he should've been.

And anyone who says that play is offsides is an idiot. The CBC replay clearly, CLEARLY shows it as onside. It's only by like an inch, but Kesler dragged the toe. Even if he didn't, that play is so close you couldn't have expected the linesman on the other side of the ice to make the call, Kesler was going at full speed, it would've been almost impossible for him to see it. But that doesn't matter, because he was onside anyway.

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