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06-03-2011, 11:54 AM
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First, this is just the development camp. The worst camp of them all, if you're interested in a show, don't go. The prospect camp will take place after the draft, that's the camp you should be interested in, with the new faces and maybe other invitations as well, invitations who might CLEARLY be more interested based on the fact it can be filled with players that were not drafted and as we can see...there are players that won't be drafted that will end up interesting. Some NCAA boys not coming surely because they prefer to participate in the other camp...wise move. Usually the NCAA boys are going to 1 camp this summer. Last year, Kristo went to the 1st one, like he's doing right now....He wasn't there for the 2nd one after the draft took place. So you want to see him, I suggest you go now...but you're not going to see scrimmages unless it changed...

- I'm extremely happy to see both Dell and Rawlings being invited. Dell has to get STRONG consideration to be signed. Dell "could" be the next Brad Thiessen who I wanted for us to pick....go look at what Thiessen did in the AHL....pretty amazing.

- I like Dame-Malka invitation as well. Great point shot, not big, but tough and bulky.

- Not a Mosher fan but he had a pretty interesting year last year.

- Don't know any of the D we invited. Though if I remember, Joe Hartman was once seen as an interesting prospect...not sure what happened to him.

- Quattrochi had to be there. We wouldn't have a running joke going if he wasn't. Again people, Timmins know the kid from a family perspective. Just a favor. 'Cause I can't believe he really sees something in him.

- No invitations up

But seeing Dell there is surely amongst the best news I've had since A LOT of the development camps I've witnessed.

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