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Originally Posted by JohnnyD View Post
I have a question for the diving advocates...

If you could get away with other penalties like you can diving would you encourage doing that too? Would you be ok winning a Championship just because you constantly tripped the opposing defenseman and gave yourself a few breakaways each game?

When you play in the NHL you agree to follow the rules. That is how any system of rules works. The same goes for laws in a society. Sure they are policed in some way and there are consequences to breaking them, but it really comes down to the people under those rules agreeing to follow them. If everyone just started stealing from each other there would be nothing the police or government could do to stop it. The only reason the rule of "no stealing" works is because (almost) everyone agrees that it is wrong and does not do it. The rules of the NHL should be no different. The players have agreed to play the game in a certain way, and should stick to it.
You agree to follow the rules, sure.. but if those rules aren't enforced, what incentive is there to actually follow them? You are right, that society would basically implode if everyone suddenly decided to break the law, because there aren't enough people to enforce those rules to stop the overwhelming amount of people that would try to break them. You are right that the laws work because the majority of people agree to follow them. The truth is, though, that many of the people who got big, either got lucky or got there by cheating in one way or another. Bill Gates stole Steve Jobs' work, for example.

The reason I don't mind diving is because the majority of the time, people are diving because the other team's player did something to break the rules against you that wasn't called. The diving is done to draw attention to the other player's infraction. I absolutely do not endorse diving for the sake of diving.

Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
My teams win a lot. I started coaching in the 1998/99 season. My teams have won their league 8 times, and have been the finalists 3 other times.

As I've said numerous times before, my teams win because I am lucky to coach great teams, but the fact that I don't let them cheat doesn't seem to stop them from winning.
That's a pretty solid record. Why don't you coach NHL teams?

It's not giving them a competitive advantage. You're actually taking away from that advangate.
How is drawing a penalty that otherwise would not have been called not giving you a competitive advantage?

A lot of people just give up when they get hooked. That makes it very easy on the hooker. By fighting through it, they have two options. They can really lay into you, which almost always leads to a penalty, ot they can let you go, which leads to you breaking into open ice.
These players wouldn't give up if everything was being called properly. That's the whole point. And as I've stated numerous times, by fighting through it, you're expending far more energy than the player hooking you, and thus putting yourself at a disadvantage.

Drew Doughty, Logan Couture, and Nazem Kadri.

The refs should call it. Just because you can get away with something doesn't mean it's honorable to do so.
Honor in the NHL died a long time ago.

Absolutely disagree.

Most of the kids I coach will end up playing beer league with me. If I can teach them that working hard and being honest in your efforts is a good thing, then they'll be better off in life.
You may be right with respect to the "better off in life".. but I'm not convinced. I'm not convinced that advocating against cheating in a competitive game has any effect on how a person acts in real life.

Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
I guess we know your stance on performance enhancing drugs then, right?

If you are not taking steroids, you are cheating your team! Bunch of selfish non-cheaters!
As I've stated in the past, I don't endorse cheating for the sake of cheating.. what I meant by diving has always been "diving to draw attention to an infraction against you". If you're diving for the sake of it, you should be called. I don't have any problems with embellishment, if it's not being called.

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