Thread: Andrew Gross: MDZ: "Never Been So Motivated"
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06-03-2011, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Pizza View Post
I would actually say that the Rangers as an organization have played the Del Zotto situation very nicely. Starting with the way Tort's handled him during the season and now with acquisition of Erixon.

Del Zotto's main problems, from what I understand, are poor decision making both on and off the ice. A head strong, passionate kid that lacks maturity. Not exactly an uncommon occurrence, but the exact opposite of Tim Erixon. A perfect counter balance IMO.

Acquiring Erixon may not be the eject button for MDZ unless said deal is a total no the Erixon deal.

No D prospect we have matches the offensive potential of MDZ. He needs to managed VERY carefully. The Rangers are doing that.

If he's a good prospect the Erixon deal should motivate the living heck out of him. He should be the most fired up guy in camp w/o exception.

If not, then it's time to re examine things.
Yup! What I said. Torts way or the high way. Maybe the message got through this time. Kid could be an all star if he grows up! Torts is just the guy to lead him by the nose with a size 11 in his rear!

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