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06-03-2011, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by overpass View Post
I agree with BraveCanadian. It's not about the consequences. It's about holding yourself to a standard of integrity.

I coach kids, and I make it clear to them that diving and playing to the refs is not something we do. Sometimes they do it anyway, and it doesn't mean they are bad kids, they just get frustrated and they want to win. But that's why you have coaches - to teach the kids how to conduct themselves, not just to run drills and set the lineup.
I'm glad that you and Dreakmur both teach the kids to be better people - not just hockey players - instead of stooping down for the sake of "winning" a game. My hat is off to you both.

As I said up thread, I would rather lose with my head held high and my integrity intact than "win" through cheating. To me it makes the win hollow.

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