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06-03-2011, 05:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Boy Wonder View Post
I won't budge from my belief. I'm trying to to withdraw from this debate, because there will be no end to it.
You haven't even made your beliefs clear, asside from you are pro-diving.

As far as my statement, how is that wrong? They ARE obligated to win in any way they can. They are being paid to win. Anything less than a win is a failure.
I didn't say it was wrong. I said it was inconsistent with your other statements.

That statement means that you support any and all attempts to win, regardless of morality. That statement means that you support diving in all forms, the use of performance enhancing drugs in all forms, the use of tampering, bribing, and blackmaiing of all forms, etc.

If assassinating the other team's star player gives you a better chance to win, you are obligated to do that, right?

Of course, when VI was exposed as having multiple accounts, it was you who led the charge, claiming that the ATD's integrity has been forever destroyed. Even if you thought he used his mutliple accounts to circumvent the voting process, that's right down your "do whatever it takes to win" alley, isn't it?

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