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06-03-2011, 08:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Boy Wonder View Post
Society has decided that cheating is not black and white, shown by the fact that different crimes have different punishments.
No it hasn't. There are different degrees of cheating, but they are all wrong.... which is why punishments are in place.

You believe that certain levels of wrong are acceptable. I try to hold myself to a higher stanard.

What if there was no way for me to defend myself other than kill the guy? What if me killing him was accidental (I pushed him down the stairs)?
As I said before, you can defend yourself as much as needed. If that means you must kill, then that's perfectly justified.

I love the justice system. You can't kill someone to defend yourself if it is possible to do so.
What's wrong with that? You avoid killing if at all possible...

If I get attacked by an average guy, I really don't need to kill him to protect myself.

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