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Originally Posted by adaminnj View Post
First off I'm not sure this thread is in the right place for discussion.

I don't think that the NHL belongs anyplace where you can't skate outside on a lake for some part of the year.

I lived down south for years and the snowbirds who move down looking for better weather are not going to commit to seeing a hockey game unless it's their home town team coming to pound the heck out of the southern team.

There was no hockey players south of the Mason Dixon for a very long time I'm sure that Hockey will survive and the kid will go back to playing "kick the can" or peach fighting

It stinks for the kids who started playing hockey in the Atlanta market but I'm sure they will survive. I was moved out of the NE when I was young and never got to play hockey of any sort until I moved back up north in my late 30s.

I have mixed feelings about California teams.
I have to agree with gopreds. Indoor rinks make it possible for kids to play everywhere and there is no such thing as one area deserving to play more than the other as far as I'm concerned. I live in Vancouver and we can't even play outside here but that doesnt stop everyone I know from picking up hockey at some point in their lives. OK, maybe ONCE a year there is a day where we can go skate on a frozen, flooded field, but it's not common practice.

I have friends who live and play in Seattle and San Jose and I've gone to various tournaments with them around the States and I know that they LOVE their hockey! They are as passionate about it as anyone up North.

Sure, it stinks for the kids who started playing and have to see their local team move away but if they truly love hockey they will find ways to play it. They can easily watch it on TV. The team moving away will mean a smaller market for grass roots in Atlanta and that's too bad, but it won't completely demolish the demand for it. It's a shame it won't have the opportunity to grow with an NHL team but maybe in the future it will get one back.

Like gopreds, I think you are totally off base with your generalizations.

As far as the original post: without an NHL team to stir up a local market, it is likely that fewer kids will begin to lace up the skates. It's not to say that this is going to happen, just that it seems likely. I feel for all the kids in Atlanta who love hockey as much as we do. Hopefully, they have created enough of a stir to keep kids going in the mean time until an NHL franchise moves back to Atlanta.

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