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Originally Posted by Gooseamania View Post
interesting. i mean i figured some players must use older skates, but you see so many players wearing the "latest and greatest" gear every year which is understandable.

so, i understand that pro's wear older PRO or TOP of the line skates even when newer models are available, but do they wear skates that are NOT top skates? like would a player wear an 8k RBK if they had a better 11K? i'm sure it's just preference like you said, i guess i always assumed that players with a pro level skating ability would just jump to the best new skate because they transition from skate to skate would probably be seamless for them.
as far as skates are concerned, no, you won't find nhl'ers using anything other than top end skates pretty much exactly due to the reason ponder just stated. they can get any option they want through the custom process. older top of the line models, yes, less than top of the line models, no.

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