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06-04-2011, 07:16 AM
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Originally Posted by adaminnj View Post
This is a better place for this discussion and I have my opinion about the SE U.S. and hockey. It's the way I feel, and it's mostly shaded with an incredibly horrible experience of living in, growing up in the SE as a Stupid Yankee. Heck I even play Banjo. There was a saying in Colorado about Texan skiing that had to do with the color of Bull-****. I'm just saying that the market is a waste.

I think the south including Phenix have had enough time to grow the sport and sell a few tickets. the experiment should be over by now. See NHL Revenue Sharing Plan.

As far as growing the market adding 6 teams anyplace and adding 12 + games to markets that sell out adds a lot of money to the system.
So by your account just because a couple of teams in the south have struggled the NHL should just pack it up and move everyone one of those teams north, even teams like Nashville and Washington that fill the arena every night? Give me a break!

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