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Originally Posted by adaminnj View Post
This is a better place for this discussion and I have my opinion about the SE U.S. and hockey. It's the way I feel, and it's mostly shaded with an incredibly horrible experience of living in, growing up in the SE as a Stupid Yankee. Heck I even play Banjo. There was a saying in Colorado about Texan skiing that had to do with the color of Bull-****. I'm just saying that the market is a waste.

I think the south including Phenix have had enough time to grow the sport and sell a few tickets. the experiment should be over by now. See NHL Revenue Sharing Plan.

As far as growing the market adding 6 teams anyplace and adding 12 + games to markets that sell out adds a lot of money to the system.
so because you had a bad experience, you feel you wanna take your ball and go home? gotcha.

for every one of your bad experience going from north to south, i can point out a half dozen or so of southerners moving north having the same experiences. ignorance isn't exclusive to the south.

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