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Originally Posted by Ivan13 View Post
Avs will want one of Suter or Blum as basis of the deal.
As for Staz not being among the best 10 forwards, compairing wingers and centers doesn't work. Center is a premiere position in the NHL. In order of importance:
1. Center 2. Defensmen 3. Wingers, Goalies
I base those opinions on the fact that goalies are dime a dozen in NHL today.

Centers I would rather have than Staz, in no particular order: Crosby, Malkin, Thornton, Toews (never hit Stastny's point total in single season, but his leadership is an valuable asset), E. Staal, Kopitar, Backstrom (he did hit 100, but he was centering Ovi, i think Staz could hit 100 if he played Ovi's center), Datsyuk, Sedin, Stamkos.

To all of you bashing Staz because he hit only 57 points, bare in mind he played injured for 2nd half of the season, and he had AHL talent on his wings for most of the season.

Defensmen I would take before Suter: Weber, Keith, Doughty, Lidstrom, Chara, Subban (potential), Yandle, Boyle, Seabrook, Pietrangelo (potential), Myers (potential).

In my mind Suter for Stastny is fair trade, you guys have some really impressive defensive depth in your prospect pool, so I thought that you could be willing to deal Suter. Bare in mind proven #1 centers in NHL don't come cheap, and Staz surely is one, and on top of that because he's one of better 2-way centers, so he could fit perfectly in your gameplan.

And for you proposing Erat, Franson, Lindback for Staz, would you take Yip, Barrie, Patterson for Suter, I highly doubt it.
First of all, I don't see anyone bashing anyone in this thread. The only person who even brought up his 57 point season was me, and I did so in asking if he was playing hurt or if the team playing poorly just hindered his production. It's a legitimate question.

Second, I respect your opinion, but in mine the only defensemen on your list of who you would take before Suter (implying they are better than Suter in your mind) that I agree with would be Weber, Chara, MAYBE Boyle (probably not), and Lidstrom, but Lidstrom gets the nod simply because of his career. He is likely done after next season if he isn't already. It can be argued that Suter is better than Weber. He is certainly better than Doughty, Seabrook, and Yandle. As good as Keith. Potential is fine and all, but I don't see Subban or Myers being better, and I think it's questionable whether or not they will be as good. Of the "potential" guys I think Pietrangelo is the closest to being as-good-as-if-not-better-than. At the end of the day we're still talking about a guy who can make a case to be top 5 in the league RIGHT NOW. Not potentially. He is there. And he has room to get better.

Third, we do have some impressive potential on D, but Suteri s the real deal and we know it. Blum has the chance of becoming as good as Suter, but he isn't yet. Suter makes not only his partner better, but his entire team better. He's just that good of an all around player. I'm not knocking Statsny, and I do agree that legitimate number 1 centers are hard to come by. I'd submit that legitimate number 1 defensemen, especially one in or close to top 5 in the league, are also hard to come by. I think this is a case where one side wants a player that, in reality, would take an overpayment to get, and the other side wants to land a top center without giving up a top defenseman. It just wouldn't work (if trade negotiations were left up to us fans anyway)

I just don't see how trading Suter for Statsny right now would do anything to not only keep our window open, but to actually help us climb into the "favorites" category. It would help our offense, but I think the immediate impact to our blueline would be too great. The biggest issue with trying to get a top pairing defenseman out of Nashville is that we already let Hamhuis walk. Weber and Suter aren't just number one guys, but they are elite number one guys.

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