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06-04-2011, 03:17 PM
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Reebok Skates

I am a loyal reebok skate wearer (ice and inline), i have a question for anyone else who may be a reebok skate person themselves. does anybody own (our previously owned) a pair of the higher end (9k, 8k) 2009 model reebok pump skates AND now own a pair of the new 2010/2011 reebok pump higher end skates (11k, 10k)? if so how do the models from each year compare to one another? does anybody prefer one year's model over the other?

secondly, if you dont own BOTH years models, does anybody have a 2009 model 9k or 8k OR the 2010/2011 11k or 10k model and how do you like them?

thanks in advance, the price tag on the 11k and 10k are much more than the top end 2009 models (9k and 8k) so i was wondering how much of a difference there was between the different models.

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