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06-04-2011, 03:39 PM
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I don't know that the "Promise me, Ned" was a request to raise Jon as his own son so much as it was a "Promise me you'll keep him safe," and that was the best way Ned could think to accomplish that.

I hate the theory that Syrio isn't dead. It makes no sense. It's pretty much based on the notion that he's a Faceless Man and is also Jaqen H'ghar. Which implies that he killed Meryn Trant and took his identity...but Meryn Trant is still hanging in King's Landing while Pate/Jaqen is in Oldtown at the same time. So since that makes no sense, people just transferred the Faceless Man aspect to Syrio for no reason, with no reason to make such a suggestion. My thought is Syrio=expert swordsman hired to train a noble's daughter, dies protecting her. He's just a character people like so much(for whatever reason, I don't really care for him) that they make up these far fetched, outlandish theories about how he MUST be alive just because we didn't actually SEE him die.

We don't actually see Ned die either, though...maybe he's actually a Faceless Man too and escaped to the Wall where he became Mance Rayder.

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