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10-17-2003, 02:53 AM
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Caps and Pens aren't in the same division, holmes.

As for the rumor, hell I hope it's true. Jagr needs to go. You can't have a competitive $40 million payroll with one guy making a quarter of it. Reagardless of one's impression of Jagr's game and performance, there simply isn't enough money to build around him in Washington.

I don't think it's a valid rumor though, because Pittsburgh has even less salary room than Washington with which to work. The only way this might make any sense at all is if attendance plummeted to something like 5,000 a game in Pittsburgh, and the team felt it needed a major draw to lure fans back ... but the Pens are not at that point yet and probably will not reach that point.

Who really thinks that a team forced to work on a payroll of approximately $35 million or less can absorb an $11 million player? Why would they do it? Why not stink instead for two years and try to land Crosby and/or Ovechkin?