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10-17-2003, 03:28 AM
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Bergeron's a draft pick that made the team. Yes, I know that. Is he a better hockey player than, say, Robert Reichel? Is he better than Matt Stajan? Is he better than Tie Domi? No, no and no. So who cares?
The kid probably is better than Reichel and Domi. What a joke mentioning Reichel, the stiff and Domi, the head goon.

Calling you a troll isn't immature. Being a troll is you know what the term means? It's going onto other teams' boards and posting deliberately inflammatory stuff, as you're doing here. How you can contend that Atlanta and Carolina are going places while Toronto is going to finish at the bottom of the East with no real evidence to support your theory just makes you sound ever more stupid.
Yeah, I know what the term means. I came here to dispense some reality that Toronto fans can never grasp. You will NOT win the Cup anytime soon, plain and simple. I do think the teams I mentioned have a lot of young players who are ready to help their teams make the playoffs. Toronto has not gotten better, they gotten older and just picked up more guys to take penalties and cause injuries. While alot of the good teams went out to improve their teams, you went out and got a guy who is turning 37 and injury prone and you got a goon in Marchment. Yeah, we have Hackett and we also have 4 young goalies in Esche, Malek, Little and Nittymaki. Teams like Colorado got Kariya and Selanne, Detroit has Hatcher, everyone improved while you guys seemed to make your situation worse. This is not being a troll. It's called talking hockey. The Leaf fans are so funny how they don't accept reality.

Am I saying the Flyers will win? No, not likely. Am I saying that I think a team like Carolina who did well 2 seasons ago and Atlanta who has a good group of guys will make the playoffs, yeah I am. I think the top teams in the East will be 1. Ottawa 2. Philly 3. Tampa 4. New Jersey 5. Washington 6. New York Islanders 7. Boston 8. Buffalo/Atlanta/Carolina/and the Leafs fighting for a spot. That's the way I see it. Sorry if you don't like that.

When is the last time that a 35 year old goalie who has never even made it past the 1st round ended up winning the Cup. I could be wrong, but I don't think that in the history of the NHL that this has ever happened.
*lol* Are you saying that because we have Hackett that we aren't going to make it past the 1st round. That's funny. So far he hasn't let in a goal yet. You're talking about guys like Desjardins, Johnsson, Weinrich, Ragnarrson, Vandermeer and Pitkanen for his defense. These guys were great last year and they are 10 times better with Pitkanen, the Calder trophy candidate. If anything, we will get past the first round and make it through the second round as well. It's a joke hearing you say that we won't make it past the first round...weren't you the ones that didn't make it past the first round last year? And to be real, I don't think anyone is beating the Sens this year from the East. Not us, not you guys for sure and not New Jersey. This is their year but the Flyers will give them a run for their money if we face them again.

These Flyerfans are hilarious.
The Flyers are right around the same average age as the Leafs, and have just as many if not more injury-prone players.
Plus they're trying to convince us, as usual, that Clarke's latest retread is a genuine playoff goalie. Don't you guys ever learn? Doesn't Clarkie ever learn?
Those pictures he's got of Snider with those goats and chickens are still coming in as handy as ever, it seems.
Not around the average age of the Loafs, I mean Leafs.

Big John is old but I am not bragging about his skills in no way, shape or form. Recchi is up there but he still torched you guys last year. The guy is a playmaker. Rico (#37) is considered one of the top d-men in the league. Hackett, yeah he's 35 and we also have another goaltender who is 25 years old. Lapointe, is a great 3rd-4th line center who is a grinder and can play a physical game. Primeau is up there but still shut down your top man in Sundin. Weinrich, one of the most stable d-men we have. He is a mentor to guys like Vandermeer, Pitkanen, Woywitka and Seidenberg. All the rest of the guys are early 30s late 20s. Half of your roster will be gone after this season. Has Hackett ever played for a team like the Flyers? I think not. Montreal was sucking big time and had them within two points of a playoff spot. If he can do that with a bunch of scrubs, imagine how far he will go with a good team like the Flyers. Clarke made the smart decision in getting Jeff. CBA strike looming and all, it was smart to go with a cheaper, experienced goalie than a bigger price goalie in Cujo. So far, I am very pleased with Hackett's performance, no have to love that.

Have fun losing again in the playoffs.

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