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06-05-2011, 07:11 AM
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Please remember everyone, that all services like carfax the information offered is very suspect.
The information used is not ordered by any government or under any supervision.
The information is offered by the owner of a used car under no penalty of truth. The owner is in direct conflict of interest as he wants the most for his used car and wishes to hide any major defect or information on any major smashes he has had. Services like Carfax only reports what the owner has offered as information. Carfax has full immunity as to truth.
This of course does not include the car dealers that simply lie or even rewrite the information ( to his advantage) on car they bought at scrap auctions, rebuild and sell as " owned by a little old lady that used the car once a month to do groceries".

The ONLY true test is to take the car to YOUR TRUSTED mechanic and have him give you a complete report.
if the seller is not willing to let you take the car to YOUR guy. RUN RUN RUN don't walk, RUN.

Your mechanic will not only let you know everything about this car but also offer you a good idea if this car ages well and is NOT a REPAIR TRAP, this information comes from the years of experience that your mechanic has under his belt.

In fact, I would be very suspect of ANY sales guys that tries to offer Carfax as a kind of proof in order to close the sale. All used car sales guys know all about carfax and the utter lack of truth about many of the reports. An honest sales guy will tell you the truth about carfax type services, BUT a dishonest sales guys will NOT tell you, he will just shut-up about it and let you fall into that trap or even go as far as to offer carfax as PROOF of a great bargain.

Take the car to your mechanic, take the car to your mechanic, take the car to your mechanic.

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