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06-05-2011, 08:12 AM
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Originally Posted by neofury View Post
I noticed the other thread was closed with no actual reason put and I saw 950 posts so I assumed it was due to being close to 1000. (That and Jagr isn't signed as far as I can tell still)

Anyways since it's been noted now by various sources that 4 KHL teams, NYR and Montreal are in the mix I don't see why a thread can't exist for this. That having been said I know the last thread not only went off topic but had people bickering over various things myself inclusive. Let's just try to keep it as on-topic and as clean as possible for the mods.

Anyways Cheers! Jagr to Montreal is an e5

As per Eklund:

"I am hearing the team is "further along and much more serious with each passing day" about convincing Jagr to come and play in Montreal. One source said "They are preparing for a full court press, and Pleks has been a part of it. Meanwhile, the Habs are more likely to sign Markov than Wisniewski...and to me that is the wrong decision on quite a few fronts."
Eklund should understand that having people as sources doesn't mean he has the ressources to properly understand a move.

Wiz is good, but he's not Markov good. Ek should look at Philly's record vs Montreal when Markov is in the lineup... or actually, I think he would rather wish we didn't sign Markov.

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