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Originally Posted by Pog Form View Post
I think you're on the right track with doing tournaments. The key, though, is to have some sort of incentive for participants to raise more money. I'm not talking about getting a t-shirt or something with a dollar value, but more along the lines of an experience, something that you can't necessarily buy. I'll give you an example:

I played in a charity hockey tournament last fall where the top individual fundraisers got to play in an alumni game at the end of the weekend with and against a number of ex-NHLers. The tournament was great, but getting a chance to play alongside former pros (a huge honour for benders like me) was a great incentive to raise more money.

Whatever you do, the key is to get people motivated to support you.
I get what you're saying, and I like it. Problem is getting something to be that experience. There are no past or present NHLers from the area, and nobody famous either. So this is going to take some creativity, but it may work.

Originally Posted by Kulluminati View Post
My old team used to camp outside of LCBO's and other liquor stores and just ask for change to support our hockey team and we would actually make a fair bit of money, some people were very generous. You have to be pretty enthusiastic though.
We're trying to get rid of the image of a "drinking team with a hockey problem" that accompanied the team when it moved here, so we want to avoid anything involving alcohol. The biggest issue with that though is the number of liquor stores, not sure of you're location, so I don't know what its like where you live, but here you can buy alcohol at any convenience store, gas station and most grocery stores/supermarkets. It would difficult to find the highest traffic one and then get permission etc...

Originally Posted by mooseOAK View Post
My kids sports teams would do car washes and electronics recycling if you have local companies that provide that service by purchasing old computers and electronic equipment.
Car washes are definitely on the table, may have to get the girls to take the lead on that one though, just because... you know

Originally Posted by madmutter View Post
Hockey camps or classes for minor hockey players, taught by your players and coaches. Give the participants a practice jersey with your logo on it and a free ticket to a game to help build support.
This could be a big moneymaker, over christmas when minor hockey takes its 2 week holiday break. Can't do it in the summer because there is no ice at the rink, and we only have 1.

Originally Posted by redman View Post
50/50 with the lottery, the pot grows as nobody hits it.
I think minor hockey did something like this last year and did well on it. It may be a better method for our 50/50 if attendance stays down.

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