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06-05-2011, 10:38 AM
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Originally Posted by GopherState View Post
You might be the first person who has expressed this opinion. I am touched though because it sucks being the black sheep of the division.
I think you are being a bit hard on yourself. I don't think Winnipeggers ever really considered Minnesota as a "black sheep". Maybe Vancouver, but not Winnipeg. I and many others up here have always had a soft spot for the Twin Cities. You guys are our closest major city, be it American or Canadian. Lots of Winnipeggers head down to the Twin Cities for a weekend as it's only 6.5-7 hours away. Lots of Winnipeggers cheer for the Vikings as their "home" NFL team. Not sure about MLB or NBA though, but you do give us the ability to see the "big 4" sports teams within a short driving range. There are very few Canadian cities that have this kind of easy "big 4" access, by car at least. You guys are like our favorite big brother that we can come and visit in college on the weekends.

Believe me, we love the Twin Cities up in Winnipeg and we WANT to be in the same division with you and develop a rivalry with you and with the other Canadian teams.

Go Jets/Wild Go!!!

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