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10-17-2003, 04:20 AM
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Originally Posted by True Blue
The biggest cheers went to Richter, Leetch, Messier, Kovalev, & Barnaby. Y'all know who got booed.
Anyone out there want to tell me again how Cujo is an upgrade over Dunny? It was a one man show. Dunham single-handedly kept us in the game. Offensively, we were absolutely inept. Those were the most invisible shots I've ever seen. We did not test Atlanta once. After all the preaching, and it's now 6 years going on 7 that NO ONE goes to the net. NOT ONE person. Not at even strength, not on the PP. By going to the net, not only does it put a player in position to whack at rebounds and screen the goalie, but it also gives the goalie another thing to pay attention to. The Rangers were making it too easy. The only gave the Atlanta goalie one thing to focus on and it was the shot from the outside.
Here's one of the more disturbing facts about last night. This is from the Post:
"Speaking of Holik: Before the season started, Sather announced his intention to match No. 16 against the league's top centers. Either Sather changed his mind less than a week into it or he doesn't consider either Marc Savard or Patrik Stefan worthy of special attention. Holik last night functioned as the fourth-line center, getting a meager 12:57 of ice (8:13 at even strength) while Mark Messier received 15:36 (11:02 even). "

AGAIN Messier is getting nearly 16 minutes? Didn't he get nearly 18 minutes against Columbus? How could Sather not match Holik against Savard? The physical advantage alone could have created a mismatch. How could Jurassic Mark ONCE AGAIN become a significant player on the ice? For those that did not see btw., it was Messier's give away that led to the opening minute breakaway by Atlanta.

Defensively, we need Leetchie. He is the only legitamite top defenseman we have. Granted deVO played a solid game. But the ADRD (Ambiguously Defenseless Russian Duo) were simply ATROCIOUS. Let me now see Jackass come through with his promise to hold people ACCOUNTABLE. Maladog is an absolute nightmare. Krispy is not much better. One of them better not be dressed for next game.
So it is a weird feeling. Yes, Dunahm got a shutout, and the team DID play a trap (a 1-4 trap wasn't it?). Lindros DID play well defensively and was willing to give up his body for a shot, but where is the physical Lindros of the preseason? However, offensively, there is still overpassing and a reluctance of going to the net. Until they solve those 2 things, timely goals are going to be a problem.
No Joke TB....what the hell was our 4th line doing against their 1st two scoring lines.