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Originally Posted by SickNice View Post
Going back to the original post, Dubinsky (a) scored the same amount of points, while getting quality minutes, in 15 less games, (b) scored seven less goals in 15 less games, (c) I'm not sure on the exact number, but Dubi had 5 or 6 ENG, (d) had problems throughout the year demonstrating consistency, and (e) had problems throughout the year with penalties and playing with discipline.

Dubi does not deserve a contract equivalent to Stafford's. Will he get one that is close, he very well may. But these are simple facts, and it does not mean I'm a Dubi hater by any means.
I disagree. Point A and B are definitely in Stafford's favor. Point C isn't really important enough to affect contract negotiations IMO. D can be said of almost any player and definitely every player on this team last year and E I didn't really notice to be honest. He's a little bit of a hot head but that works in the Rangers favor more than it works against them I think.

Overall, he plays more important minutes than Stafford on both sides of the puck, he is a leader for NYR in a way that Stafford is not for Buff and he plays on an entirely different level of physicality. Also, he is more consistent from season to season than Stafford. While Dubi went 40, 41, 44, 54 in points in the last four seasons, Stafford went 38, 45, 34, 52. Dubi is consistently putting up more points ever year and Stafford is more up and down from year to year. Personally, if I were his agent I'd argue that those things make up for the point disparity between them. Its not all in the statistics. Stafford is a depth scorer and Dubi is a key piece to NYR who plays physical hockey in all situations while consistently improving his offense.

Stafford is not the heart or soul of his team. He's not the guy on his team who will step up to anybody and defend the rest of the guys. He's not the guy who goes out to play hard against the other team to wear then down. I could go on. The point is Dubi does all of those things and consistently improves on his point totals while Stafford does none of them and is less consistent.

I don't think its out of the question to say that he deserves a similar contract.

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