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06-05-2011, 12:48 PM
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I think a website is the best thing a new league can have. I'm currently looking for a league right now and it's incredibly frustrating to find any information on these websites with no information or out of date info.

When I was at school, we found the league we played in via the rinks website and it was neat and put together well. It wasn't professionally done or anything like that, but looking at it made me think... alright this leagues got their **** together.

So a neat website and maybe posters on the front doors. I know a bunch of rinks put large posters advertising things on the windows of the front doors. Literally everyone is forced to see/read them.

Note: I've never started a league, and never intend to -- these are just some observations as a player myself. Good luck, I think once you find a core group of guys then you can build around that. Seems like every rink has those 10-15 guys that show up all the time, play with all the teams and are buddies with everyone.

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