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06-05-2011, 01:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Another question that was probably responded already but I'll really like to going for a 4-wheel drive REALLY necessary? I mean nowadays, don't they have all those kinds of assistance in a 2-wheel drive that would make any SUV much safer than it was before? Is 2 000$ more really worth it since I don't live in the mountains where I have to go up a steep hill every day, where I don't really live in tough conditions....Yet, with the winter we have....or the rain we a 4-wheel really important?

I hear that once you go never want to go back....but then is it that important to "go"? 'Cause then you read about cars/trucks who are "real" 4-wheels"...not so worst than others etc....

Depends on your lifestyle as well eh ... if you go up north a lot or you go offroad a lot or you have a cabin or rent one etc.. then 4 wheel drive is absolutely necessary. For example I have a friend who has a cabin near St. Jerome, he has 4 wheel drive, I don't .. man it makes a HUGE difference let me tell you, specially in the winter.

As far as city driving or even highway driving, most cars you are looking for will be more than fine unless the conditions are really horrible and frankly, just drive carefully IMO, no need to spend the extra money for the vehicle with the real 4 wheel drive unless your lifestyle demands it.

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