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Originally Posted by Cajun2083 View Post
and more depth as well, lets face it injuries happen and this just gives us more options
for one year like you said the risk/reward is totally worth it.
Absolutely it is... we have definately over the years taken some risks on some big duds... (Samsonov, Czerkawski, Audette) and so many are unwilling to take on the most prolific (not even mentioning arguably the greatest) Euro scorer of all time???

Jagr's key to his game is his larger than tree trunk legs. He uses them to push off the competition.

He's the immoveable object. People have to remember that was the amazing thing about Ovechkin drilling him in the olympics... That never happened to Jag's in his prime... It's a bit more likely to happen now... But the speed thing... Playing with Camm & Pleks... Im honestly not that worried about it. He compliments, because he can do anything necessary to help score the goal. Anybody thinks it's only Jag's and Pleks who benefit... Does anyone remember what happens to Cammalleri when he plays with a dominant winger? Look at Calgary, right before we signed him. Camm-Jokinen-Iggy was deadly for the flames...

Camm can be even deadlier w/ Jagr, as he has options as to who to feed it too... Many forget that Camm can pop 40 helpers any given season as well... He is very well rounded. Offensively I mean

Originally Posted by Game View Post
I agree, Jagr seems to have some chemistry with Pleks, plus he adds size to the top 6, along with Pacioretty and Kostitsyn (If we keep him)

However the only thing preventing us from having an awesome Top 9 is Scott Gomez, unfortunately. It's too bad really, he just seems to be on the decline, and he might of peeked early in his career in New Jersey.
True, kind of like Joey Juneau... the 30's have been very rough to him lol

I can only HOPE he is finding his game right now... To be honest, I hope it's more of a conditioning thing. I really do. We would've been so close to being KNOWN contenders if Scotty brought back some of that Killer instinct he had as a devil. He used to feast on our division... I can understand why Gainey considered Gomez in the first place (He did very well against almost all of our adversaries)...

But it would also give him some breathing room to find his game, because the new 'shiny' trinket on the team would attract a tonne of attention... Jagr playing his first year with a Canadian team... IMO he's going to LOVE it here.

Canada loves hockey (that's a given) Jagr is already near demi-god status... But he has never felt the true adoration/passion of a Canadian team's crowd. It's addicting to these guys (see Kovalev)

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