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06-05-2011, 01:08 PM
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I know a guy who started a beginners league in a city that really didn't have much going on for anyone wanting to learn, or just looking for low level players to play with. What he did to start was get a website made and actually just go around to all the local bars and pubs and post flyers in the washrooms. Word spread and for their first season they had an 8 league team. Fast forward a few years and I believe they have around 50 teams through six tiers with a huge range of skill levels.

I think what really helped them is that they ran it for fun and always made themselves accessible. It really showed that the operators of the league absolutely cared about feedback and suggestions and, most importantly, FUN.

I think starting a draft league might be a little more difficult. Usually people have friends they want to play with and such so mostly you'd be appealing to single registrants? Might be more difficult to generate a lot of interest. (I personally would love to play in a draft league. It could be like a fantasy league. LARP Hockey )

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