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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Your retort has nothing to do with the question posed. That's why I'm a little confused at the insult.

When has the organization not put it up to the scouting department to pick a goaltender; that department obviously includes Holmgren. In fact, I will give credit where credit is due since Holmgren is the one who has signed our most successful rookie goalie since Boucher, Bobrovsky, but it was the scouts who went to Europe and decided between Bob and Rynnas.

These scouts also like Hovinen, but they decided Hovinen was better a better option than Eriksson moving forward, something no one else seems to believe.

I've defended this organization quite a bit in the past particularly in terms of scouting. With the amount of picks we've moved, there is no credible way to believe we would have anything that legitimately comes to mind as a prospect pool if not for scouting. If you need any more proof of our scouting, look no further than our 1st round selections since 1998. People would kill for our 1st round success rate. Our success rate for the first three rounds is up near the top of the league.

Holmgren has been a big part of that, as have this organization's scouts.

But again, I'm not exactly sure what you're claiming with the above quoted comment.

Anyways, 1st round is the easy part. You should be at least getting an NHL player or a return on him in a trade out of your 1st round pick. Over the last 7-10 years, first round busts are fewer and further between, so the edge has to come later in the draft.

It's very easy to claim such a success rate when you're making the scope so much smaller since we never have 2nd round picks. Between 2004-2007, Flyers 2nd or 3rd round picks have 194 regular season games among 8 guys, only 2 of them for us. And it shouldn't really even been that many because Nodl should not have played in his rookie season, and the Flyers have shown that despite given Bartulis a one-way contract, they have little intention on giving him a chance to prove he can play more than 15 minutes per game. In the 4th round, we've gotten 12 NHL games from 2 guys, one of which was giving Jeremy Duchense mop-up time in his only NHL game, and both guys are already gone. So, it's not really fair to include Claude Giroux in a group that includes Michael Ratchuk and tell everyone how great it is. Our 1st round success have done well enough to give us the 7th oldest team in the league. It would be nice if we could develop a defenseman and have control on him and produce for this team for 5 or 6 years before needing to buy UFA years from him.

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