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06-05-2011, 05:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Jagr68NYR94Leetch View Post
You clearly dont have a clue as to what this team's needs and wants are.

Yes to all the things you stated about Richards as far as what he PROVIDES for this team. BUT he is being signed because of two underlying factors; Gaborik and Winning a championship. And those two factors go hand in hand. Brad Richards wants to WIN. He isnt signing here to be part of a rebuilding franchise because if they do trade gaborik for young guys thats just what they will be. Brad Richards is a playmaker, NOT a goal scorer. Who's going to put the puck in the net?

Did you watch any of the hockey games this year or did you just write it off as a "bad" year for gaborik? He scored 40+ goals in his first season here because it was his first season in the Eastern Conference. Do you realize what teams started to do once they realized we had no other scoring threats? They smothered him. Even in the last few games of gaborik's first season here he was being shadowed and shut down. That's what happened this year. He had NO space out there whatsoever to let go of that wrist shot. Whether it was even strength or the PP he did not have time and space. If gaborik scored 40 goals again this year this team would've made the playoffs in a smoother manner than sweating it out basically the whole year. And we wouldnt be sitting here pushing for the #1 center as bad as we are. Yeah we'd still want one but it wouldn't be as pressing of a need. And now we are going to have to make multiple maneuvers to fit BR under the cap while being able to re-sign RFA's. But we know we have to do it for all the reasons you mentioned above. But within each reason you give for what BR brings to the table, gaborik is part of it. The point of getting richards is to have a guy who can distribute the puck to one of the elite shooters in the game, who when he has time and space is a lethal threat on the ice.

The only hogwash is the mythical fable going on in your head that the New York Rangers are/should be trading gaborik to LA, or any team for that matter. But why should I or anyone be surprised by a NY sports fan wanting to give up on a player after one bad year. I bet you're also part of the group ready to trade our 20 year old defenseman

Thank you.
Oh how ignorant is this.

Did YOU watch this past season? The Rangers made the playoffs with Gaborik scoring 0 goals down the stretch, and a measly 1 goal in the playoffs. That's 1 goal in his final ~17 games. (And the only one was a gift-wrapped tap-in from Fedotenko) The team also played some of its best hockey of the season while Gaborik was injured. So please, tell me exactly how this team is a rebuilding team without the mighty Gaborik? I have no doubt that he's capable of bouncing back to 40 goal - 40 assist territory, maybe even more playing a full year next to Richards. But I also have no doubts that when the hockey gets tougher, more physical, and defenders start smothering him, he will once again fail to adapt and fight through it. Regular season stats don't impress me in the least if the player isn't at LEAST at that same level of production in the playoffs. The real "elite" players play even better in the playoffs. So enough with calling Gaborik "elite" because he's managed to put up nice regular season numbers while playing mostly shortened seasons. When the going gets tough, Gaborik goes to sleep. The 7.5 million could be much better spent elsewhere. This team is not a rebuilding team without Gaborik. We had tons of injuries last year and still made the playoffs with an impotent Gaborik scoring 3 or 4 goals in last 25 games. This is Staal's team. This is Callahan's team. This is Dubinsky's team. This is Lundqvist's team. This will (likely) be Richards' team. This is not Gaborik's team. And if there are teams who are interested in buying low, and we can still get DECENT value for him, you have to consider it. I'm confident that Sather knows this, and I'm glad you aren't the GM. Thanks for making most of my points for me.

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