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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
I've been an Oilers fan since '97 and weirdly enough, i've been more at ease as an Oiler fan over the last couple of years than at any other team outside of the '06 run and even that year had a lot of uneasiness involved.

Pre-lockout from '97 on, yes the team was a borderline playoff team pretty much every year but it was complete hopelessness for me because there was always the "financial struggle" black cloud hanging over the franchise with all of the talk about the franchise moving and with the team being forced to move their top young players whenever those players were due for raises so it seemed inevitable that the team would move or just end up as a cellar dwellar with no hope of climbing out.

Post-lockout at least brought hope that the team could compete financially so at least something special could be built and it started off well with the '06 run so it seemed that the franchise was on the right track then the Pronger trade demand happened and the reputation of Edmonton became a PR nightmare and KLowe lost his mind with all of his idiocracy by trying to outsmart everybody in the league but instead alienated the fanbase because he had no plan and was trying to patch holes in a sinking ship with band aids.

For the first time since i've been an Oiler fan, there is finally a plan in place and that to me, has made the losing much more tolerable because i can see a light at the end of the tunnel and i have comfort in knowing that there is a plan in place.
There is finally a purpose towards building something special and that has put me at ease as a fan, i'm just going to enjoy the ride and i hope that you guys and gals do too.

Also, if you want to talk about torture as a fan, try being a Detroit Lions fan over the past couple of decades. The franchise as a whole has won one (count them) ONE playoff game in the last 50 years or so and it's sad that i remember the exact score 38-6 over a young Aikman led Dallas team in 1991 so it could be worse, A LOT worse.
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