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Originally Posted by 24stanleycups View Post
Well I don't know. Do you think a 40 year old Teemu Selanne could put up over 80. Could a 37 year old Tim Thomas win the vezina? Could a 43 year old Mark Recchi put up 50?

Jagr was one o the league's besn his prime. Just because he's gotten older doesn't mean he isn't still an incredible athlete. He put up 50 points in 50 games in the KHL. At that pace he'd put up 82 in a full NHL season. Ofcoarse, you'd have to take into account that he'll be playing in a much tougher league, but also the fact that he'll have much better linemates as well. I would say a 20 point subtraction is fair.
You can't compare KHL and NHL numbers and do a straight up conversion.

In 2004-05 during the lockout many stars played in the RSL/ KHL and other than Datsyuk and Jagr they were all under a PPG.

The KHL is inferior to the NHL yes, but it is also a much lower scoring league than the NHL.

In the NHL the rink is smaller and would actually benefit Jagr more than any other player over the age of 35.

The KHL requires more skating and makes it harder on a 36 + year old to be successful. Jagr is big and strong ands possibly still the best player in the world on hold on to the puck along the boards.

He has world class vision and could be good for 45-70 assists. He still has an amazing release and shot and should be good enoug for 20-35 goals.

I think Jagr could surprise everyone and pull off a Selanne and finish in the top 10 in scoring.

Does anyone remember 2006-07? So what he was 35 (younger than 39) but he was also coming off of reconstructive shoulder surgery from the 06 playoffs and some doctors thought he might not even be able to play again. Jagr still put up 96 Pts.

Jagr is still huge and strong at about 6'3 and 225 lbs so his puck shielding would still be there. He also was playing in a less taxing league and his body in terms of NHL mileage would be more that of a 36 year old than a 39 year old. His playmaking ability is top 10 all-time and with guys like Plekanec, Cammaleri, Subban, Gionta, Subban... 5 on 5 or on the powerplay would help Jagr pick up a lot of assists and I think he would surprise everyone and still be a 30 goal scorer.

The fact that he is no longer 245 lbs but 225 lbs also means he will be quicker, faster and more flexible than he was 2005-08.

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