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08-06-2003, 04:17 PM
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Thanks Northern Dancer! And thanks to ThinkBlue for being my bWo sponsor...

Age: in my 30's
Married?: No
Occupation: grad student
Jerseys Owned: Roberts home
Favourite Food: I like most food... I guess currently I'm into Mediterranean food (anywhere from Spain to Greece/Turkey)
Favourite Band/Musician: Too many. Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, Curtis Mayfield, Nirvana and most everything in between that's good.
Favourite Leaf Moment: the '93 run... the triple OT game vs. the Sens...
Favourite Current Leaf: Roberts, Renberg, Antropov
Favourite All Time Leaf: Gilmour, McDonald

Fondest Pre-Nuke HF Memory: I was watching the build-up to Operation Buttafuoco with much anticipation from the sidelines... then its shocking demise

What you're looking for Post nuke: to post on HF a little more, to get to know the fine Leafs community here, and to do what I can to further the bWo cause!

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