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06-05-2011, 09:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Another question that was probably responded already but I'll really like to going for a 4-wheel drive REALLY necessary? I mean nowadays, don't they have all those kinds of assistance in a 2-wheel drive that would make any SUV much safer than it was before? Is 2 000$ more really worth it since I don't live in the mountains where I have to go up a steep hill every day, where I don't really live in tough conditions....Yet, with the winter we have....or the rain we a 4-wheel really important?

I hear that once you go never want to go back....but then is it that important to "go"? 'Cause then you read about cars/trucks who are "real" 4-wheels"...not so worst than others etc....

I drive a Toyota Matrix AWD, and my g/f drives, for now, a Protege 5, which is obviously front wheel drive. Of course, in summer it makes no difference at all except that mine drinks a bit more gas, but in winter it's absolutely night and day... I NEVER get stuck, even if I park in snowfilled streets around work and climb in some snowbanks because Montreal's employes suck at removing the snow effectively...

On the other hand, the Protege 5 stays "half stuck" as soon as there's 4-6 inches of snow, you have to go back-forth-back-forth for a while to get out of the parking space, you spin on every street corner, etc.

Also, we were shopping SUVs to replace the Protege 5 just this week, so we tried out the Equinox, the RAV 4, looked at the CRV (just too expensive when compared), the Rogue... in the end, we chose the Santa Fe (a 2007 AWD with all the bells and whistles for 17 000 taxes in). We found it was simply a more comfortable ride, it has the 3rd row seats which will come in handy when we start bringing our kids' friends left and right, it's cheaper that Honda/Toyota and you get more accessories, there's lots of room for cargo, and they give you a MUCH BETTER warranty!

For a 2007, most dealers will give you 1 month/3000km as all-included warranty, and you'll have a few months to a year of engine/transmission warranty. With hyunday, the bumper-to-bumper warranty is 5 years/100 000km, so we still get a year of all around warranty... peace of mind included!

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