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06-05-2011, 11:24 PM
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After finishing AFFC, I'm really glad we're back to Jon and Tyrion next book.

Cersei is interesting, as is Jamie, but honest to god, I cannot stand Sansa or Brienne. I'm on the fence about Arya also.

Jon and Tyrion hold the most interest for me so far, and I look forward to their chapters more so than the others.

I actually really like Davos too, and I wouldn't be surprised if news of his death was exaggerated.

The best thing about GRRM is how he makes his characters evolve in their own passages without being super abrupt about it(does that makes sense?).

The transformation of Cersei from AGOT to AFFC is incredible. She became a drunk and paranoid queen who mistrusts everyone, but in her passages, GRRM makes her think what she's doing is completely justifiable. It's just brilliant writing.

I also hope we get some sort of badass character like Beric(he's dead from what I understood no?) in the next book.

My prediction for the series is there will be some sort of religious war for the throne.

R'hllor vs. Drowned god vs The Seven.

The religion aspect has been slowly growing in influence in the books.

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